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Helping Hands for Haiti is a non-profit organization. 501 (c)(3) number NS013285. Please consider contributing to our cause by donating now

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Micah 6:8  The Lord has told you what is good, and this is what he requires of you: to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.

This portion of our website is divided into three main areas - a letter From the Founder, information on What We Do, and Our Action Plan. We think for anyone wishing to donate or get involved, it's important to understand the origins of Helping Hands for Haiti. So we encourage you to read the letter below. And of course, investing time in the What We Do section will help provide wonderful insight into our actions on the ground in Haiti!  

From the Founder


My first mission trip to Haiti was in December of 1989.  At the time I was a 41 year old dairy farmer who finally had enough help so I could be away for the two weeks needed for the mission team to do their part in building a school.  My life would never be the same!  The project of building the school and my subsequent return the next year to build the desks for the school was easy.  What was difficult was seeing the abject conditions under which the Haitian people tried to survive and asking myself what I might do to make a difference.

There are over 8 million people in Haiti and most of them live in poverty.  I asked myself what I might do to help 8 million people?  I could do nothing for all 8 million people and I could do nothing for 1 million people but I could do something for just one person and that is where I would start.

Pierre Fritzner had been our interpreter the first two years that I had been to Haiti.  He barely made enough money to pay his rent for one small room in a house and often went without eating.  His concern was not for himself, he had an aging mother, a sick sister, nephews and nieces that could not afford to go to school, and friends that knew he sometimes was employed and asked for his help.

Fritz was a man of God and I knew that if I helped him I would also be helping his aging mother, his sick sister, his nephews and nieces, his friends and many more people that he would come in contact with.  And so a partnership evolved with Fritz that we now call "Helping Hands for Haiti".  We provide money to send children to school, we bring shoes, clothing, medicines, and bibles, we teach bible schools and build desks and repair churches and provide money for emergencies for food and housing and medical care.  We give families a chance to help themselves by buying them chickens or goats or pigs or a sewing machine.  And we give them hope because we return each year.  And it all started by helping just one person!

Dave H.
Helping Hands for Haiti


What We Do


Helping Hands for Haiti focuses on the following areas of mission: Sharing the gospel of Jesus, Loving His children, Building strong communities.

This focus will not change, but what will change is the SIZE of our efforts. In the next few years we plan to greatly expand. in the past we worked with one community at a time. Helping Hands for Haiti is in the process of adding more villages to our programs. We believe that with your continued help, and God’s guidance, all things are possible. Please prayerfully consider keeping Helping Hands for Haiti on your “Donations List”. 

We Spread the Good News of our Savior JESUS CHRIST

  • Haitians are hungry for the Word of God. Most Haitians cannot afford Bibles. We enable families to learn about and apply principles of the Christian faith by providing bibles and hymnals and talking solar-powered bibles in their own Creole language. We will also conduct Bible School for children, share in Bible Study with adults, but most important is spending time with and loving them!!

 We Educate, Feed, Clothe & Love GOD’S Children

  • Helping Hands for Haiti helps children go to school. We provide students with books, shoes, school uniforms, and school lunch. We are currently feeding nearly 900 students a hot lunch at school. With food in their stomachs the children have a much better chance of learning. We know that for some of the children this is the only meal that they get that day. Helping Hands for Haiti not only supplies teachers with teaching supplies but also helps provide for their continuing education.

 We Give Hope Through Community Development

  • We believe in the community becoming self sufficient in supporting their school and families. We work with community leaders to develop programs best suited for them.. We have success stories such as the rice mill in Jumelle that now pays the teacher’s, caretaker, and cooks salaries, along with all the operating expenses of the mill and the employees there(16 total jobs created). 


Our Action Plan

  • Seek out established churches that are struggling to provide Christian based education to their community
  • Help the church establish a council to oversee the Christian School 
  • Along with the council develop a plan to make the Christian School possible and successful  
  • Provide the needed infrastructure for a viable Christian School (building, desks, educational materials) 
  • Provide needed financial requirements for operating expenses  (teacher salary’s, school lunch program, etc.) 
  • Along with council develop plan for church school to become financially self-sufficient and sustainable by finding and funding the startup a business they can opperate themselves
  • During this process continue to bring teams to work on church and community programs (bible school, adult/youth Christian programs, medical/dental education & programs, sanitation, water quality, etc)  
  • This process will take on average 5 years. A church in the U.S. will be sought out to come alongside the church & Christian School in Haiti as their “Sister/Partner” congregation
  • Our first goal is to be actively working with 5 churches/communities at a time all at different stages of development. As one is passed on, another will be added. 
  • Budget $30,000 per community per year.

Helping Hands for Haiti believes in equipping the people of Haiti with life skills. Providing livestock gives Haitians an opportunity to raise and sell the offspring to meet the needs of their family as well as using the animals for food. Other community building projects underway include: Micro Loans, Composting Latrines, Home Water Filters, and Water Wells.