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Welcome to our Blog

Greetings to all! Welcome to our new blog! I have pondered on what is the best information to place in this "new to us" forum. I have never been much of a writer and I have never kept a journal for more than a few days at a time. 

I say all this so you will not have high hopes for "grand journalism" flowing out on these pages. What I will promise you is that I will attempt to keep you better informed of the happenings in Haiti. I also want share what is on my heart or better yet, what has God shown me today. So... here we go!!!

I talked to Fritz (our Haitian coordinator) this morning. There is no news on the container yet. It should be out of customs soon, but we have heard that before. Please continue  praying for this time of waiting...and waiting for the news of release.  I plan on leaving for Haiti as soon as we get positive news. It will be like Christmas for us seeing and distributing all the items we sent almost 6 months ago.

Fritz is in the process of bringing a water line from a water reservoir located approximately 1/4 mile away from our mission house. This will give us good quality water that we will be sharing with our neighbors. We will also use it for bathing and our gardens at the mission complex. We had hoped to have a well drilled by now, but that did not work out as planned.

The life group that I participate in is studying the book of Proverbs. The author Solomon is said to be one of the wisest men who ever lived. If you read a little about him you will see that he gained wisdom because he asked God for this gift. God granted him this wisdom, not for his own good (he was not respected by the his own people in Israel) but for others to learn from such as you and I. This morning we were reading in chapter 12. Vs. 25. It goes like this:

Worry weighs a person down; an encouraging word cheers a person up.

We can spend all day... all year... our whole life in worry. But what does that do for you? Better yet, what does that do for those around you? I think we can all agree that worry is not what God has in mind for us. It does nothing to help us... it can only make us less effective in many ways. That is where I believe God's wisdom comes to us in this Proverb. Read it again. It does not say worry weighs YOU down. It says worry weighs "a person"down. It doesn’t say, to seek out someone to give YOU an "encouraging word". It says "an encouraging word cheers a person up." Maybe the message here is that God says to not worry because it has a negative effect on our our lives. That worry then has a negative effect on how we can be a positive influence on others lives. When we talk with others and all we do is tell them about all the worries in our lives, we miss the opportunity to hear what they are saying and be an encouragement to them. If you have concerns in your life, and we all do, we need to bring them to God and those that are the closest to us. Not the person you run into at the gas station.

Live for others, not yourself. Worry only makes that harder to accomplish.

God's Peace,

Dave O.