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Helping Hands for Haiti is a non-profit organization. 501 (c)(3) number NS013285. Please consider contributing to our cause by donating now

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So Much Good News

Dear Friends, God is so Good. 

2011 has started with so many Blessings for Helping Hands for Haiti. Fritz and his family are well and send their greetings. Here are a few highlights.

  • New Church in LePina is completed.
  • New videos will be on web site and YouTube soon.
  • Mission House construction starting.
  • American Churches reaching out to help.
  • Feeding programs set to expand.

We have had 3 great team in Haiti so far this year with 3 more scheduled in May , June & August. 

Thanks for checking in. Please keep us in your prayers, and remember.....

God is Good.......All the Time!!!