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Helping Hands for Haiti is a non-profit organization. 501 (c)(3) number NS013285. Please consider contributing to our cause by donating now

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John 13:35b  Your love for another will prove to the world that you are my disciples. 


Here is the truck!!! All the tents, hygiene kits, and medical supplies are loaded. We hope to have the 500 boxes of "Kids Against Hunger" food (thats 108,000 meals) loaded this week. Then off to Miami!!!               Thanks to you all for helping to make this happen.



A message from our founder and President of the Board of directors, Dave H.

Webster’s dictionary describes an aftershock as: 1 : the minor shock following the main shock of an earthquake 2 : an after effect of a distressing or traumatic event In the last two weeks we have experienced both. “We” refers to Dave & Jerilyn H, Peter L, and Larry K who just returned from Haiti on February 20th. Because of earthquake damage, the airport at Port au Prince, Haiti, was not yet opened for commercial air travel on Feb. 11th, the day we were to arrive. Our alternative route took us to the Dominican Republic followed by a 6 hour bus ride to the Haitian capital of Port au Prince. We were not prepared for what we were about to see. 

The usually overcrowded bustling city of 2 million people was noticeably quiet as if a plague had struck the population. The countless vendors that normally lined the streets selling their wares had vanished. The bumper to bumper traffic congestion was gone. The reason for the dilemma became apparent as we ventured into the city. Like an experienced demolition crew, the earthquake had ravaged the downtown area. Three and four story buildings were relegated to a pile of rubble. Cars that had once lined the streets remained under the concrete crushed as if they were tin foil. We had already seen more than we had bargained for and it was just our first day. 

Fritz and his family were not injured in the quake. His house received minor damage and the wall that had collapsed was already repaired insuring our safety inside his yard. Several of the family still slept outside worried that the cement roof of the house might come crashing down on them if there was an after shock or another quake. Many of the neighbors were not as fortunate as Fritz and not only lost their home but were relegated to living under tarps and sheets in the open area 100 yards from where we stayed.

We distributed tents, tarps, ropes, and health kits in the area. We ran out of items way to soon. Our truck of supplies will not be here for six more weeks. We hope that it arrives before the rainy season.

The remainder of the trip involved traveling to the countryside to inspect our school in Jumelle and the rice mill in Petite Riviere. We were pleased to see very little damage to the school or the surrounding area. The rice mill was doing a brisk business and generates enough income to pay the teachers salaries.

We would like to thank all of the people who have made contributions to Helping Hands for Haiti for the earthquake relief effort. Your generosity in their time of need is greatly appreciated.



We have a Truck (thanks Merle) and a box (thanks Mike). Hope to have them all put together in the next few weeks. We are getting the last of the items together to ship and hope to send the truck to Miami by the end of March.                                                                                                    

More info to follow.


Dave O.


Normal in Haiti?

Well, I have been home for almost a week now and I am finally feeling like I am back to normal. Normal is an interesting thing to think about these days. Normal in South Dakota this winter is moving more snow. Normal is being able to go back to worship with my dear friends and family, going to work, spending time with my wife!, sleeping in our bed, and being blessed with so very much.

Normal in Haiti? Well, thats another story. Normal in Haiti  is surviving with little to nothing. Walking the streets going somewhere?  Trying to sell something on the side of the road to someone?...anyone? Wondering where their  next meal will come from? Wondering if there is reason to hope? Does anyone care? So with that in mind, I guess what I saw in Haiti was normal. Nothing has changed!     

And then you look beyond the side of the road, and there it is!!!               THE NOT NORMAL HAITI!!!

There is nothing I can say.... no picture I can download..... that can explain what Mike and I saw. All the news reporters have tried, and their words and photos are much better that anything I could add.

What what I did see was how the Haitian people have responded to their "NOT NORMAL" situation. They have responded by doing what they can to making life as normal as possible. As they carry on in this unexplainable devastation, they show how resilient of a people they truly are. The people of Haiti never give up hope nor do they ever stop believing that someone cares!!

You all have continued to prove the Haitians correct. Someone cares, and that someone it is YOU!!!! Your continued outpouring of gifts, prayers and support is an inspiration to us all, and we will strive to take all of that to them. Our "Action Plan" is still moving forward. We will keep you informed as we make continued progress. 

Please keep the 4 members of Helping Hands for Haiti that arrived in PAP Friday in your prayers.  They are delivering immediate relief to those around Fritz's home, and continued support to the village of Jumelle.

Blessings to you all,

Dave O.


In Haiti

Dave and Mike have been in Haiti now for a week. They arrived in Santo Domingo late Thursday night and traveled by bus the following morning to Port-au-Prince. Dave stayed with Fritz (our in country coordinator) and Mike stayed with theirs. On Saturday, the reality hit home with witnessing the aftermath of the earthquake to the city. Dave will have much to express upon his return to the States on this Sunday.

Again, thank you for your continued support and prayers for Haiti!

God bless you all!

Dave's wife - Tammy O.