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Helping Hands for Haiti is a non-profit organization. 501 (c)(3) number NS013285. Please consider contributing to our cause by donating now

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John 13:35b  Your love for another will prove to the world that you are my disciples. 


Going to Haiti

1/27/2010 6:00 AM

Good Morning. Tomorrow Mike and I will be going to Haiti. We will be flying into the Dominican Republic. We have plans to then take a bus to PAP. Although we have many plans we will need to react to what is placed before us.                                                                                                                                

Please Pray for our safety, those we leave behind, and most of all the people of Haiti.                             

Blessing to you all, 

Dave O.


Quite a Day

Yesterday seemed like a quite day. No real news from Haiti, not much contact between team members. NO TRUCK YET ): Then when I get home the mail box is filled with your letters of support both in words and gifts. The inbox is again over flowing with requests to get involved.

This affirms my beliefs that there are amazing things going on out there. God is working, working through YOU. The journey for Haiti will be long and painful. We are lifted up everyday by your Love and encouragement.

Thank You, 
Dave O.


Message from our founder

Here is a message from our founder Dave H.

At long last Fritz (Helping Hands for Haiti Coordinator in Port au Prince) was able to make a phone call at 11:00PM Monday night. Miraculously he reported that there have been no deaths of the contacts of Helping Hands for Haiti. Fritz was able to travel in Port to check on friends and also went to Leogane (west of Port) with supplies for his fiancé (Nerline) and his sister Zette and her family. They have no place to live as all of the houses were leveled. People everywhere sleep in the streets and have no access to food or water. In Port he said the stench of decomposing bodies nearly makes you vomit. Roads are blocked with debris and up heaved from the earthquake. Gasoline has now soared to $25 (US) per gallon and is almost impossible to obtain. Destruction is impossible to describe--the city is demolished. Reports from the countryside indicate that the school at Jumelle is intact with minor damage in the area. The Albert Schweitzer Hospital is overwhelmed with earthquake victims. Communications are sketchy. Fritz has been able to make some distributions from the storehouse at his home. All of the supplies that we were storing at Fritz's to take to Jumelle have been distributed in Port and Leogane. There were many tarps that proved to be of great help for Fritz' neighbors as well as the food and clothing we had accumulated. It is a massive task for the emergency responders to reach all of the people that are in need. The recovery will be long, slow, and painful. Long after Haiti is no longer in the news there will be work to be done. As in the past 20 years, Helping Hands for Haiti will continue it's presence in Haiti and know that you will be at our side. There is an old Haitian Proverb that makes a lot of sense today: MANY HANDS LIGHTEN THE LOAD.
-- Dave H.

We wish to thank you all for your continued support. Your Prayers and donations touch us deeply. We continue to look for the truck and other supplies. We are are still unsure of any travel plans as of now. Please ask that GOD opens the door to us in "HIS TIME", not ours.

"Be Still and Know that I AM GOD"

Gods Peace 
Dave O.




More contact from Fritz and Nichole. Also news that COMO IS ALIVE!!!! All seem to be doing well under very difficult conditions. Patrick is ALSO ALIVE!!! Please pray for them all.

We can not fully express how much your outpouring of Love and support means to us. Please keep the Prayers coming. God hears them all! They are a Blessing to the people of Haiti and us.

All your donations are humbling. We will do our best, with Gods guidance, to use them in the best way possible.

The "Action Plan" is well underway. We will continue to keep you updated as time allows.

God is Good, All the Time 
All the Time, God is Good.

Gods Blessings to you all, 
Dave O.



FRITZ IS ALIVE!!! We have received an e-mail from Fritz. Praise the Lord. Some damage to the surrounding walls but house is standing.

After meeting tonight our three organizations wish to present our "ACTION PLAN"


**Mission Haiti, Helping Hands for Haiti, & Kids Against Hunger have joined forces to better address the needs of the people of Haiti in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake.

We have decided that we will be the “2nd wave” of relief to the country. We realize that we will be unable to get into the country right away. We have put together the following “action plan.”

• Obtain a tandem axle straight truck

• Fill the truck with “Kids Against Hunger” food, medical supplies, hygiene kits, generator, water filtration equipment, baby formula/baby cereal.

• Mike and Dave will drive the truck to Miami where it will be loaded on to a ship to Haiti.

• Mike and Dave will then fly to Haiti and meet up with the bus that is already in Gonaives which is filled with 75,000 meals and other supplies. They will distribute these supplies and food as needed with the final destination being the orphanage in Ti-Riviere.

• After making the necessary repairs @ the orphanage, they will return to Gonaives to meet the truck when it arrives in port. Distribution will continue with these supplies.

Where do you come in?? We need donations! Most of all…….MONEY!!!!!! Please prayerfully consider making a financial contribution to our efforts. Contributions can be made to any of the 3 organizations listed below. Continue to pray for the people of Haiti and our efforts to save them.**

Thank you for your support, God Bless you all, God Bless Haiti