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Helping Hands for Haiti
45406 - 295th Street
Irene, SD 57037
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Helping Hands for Haiti is a non-profit organization. 501 (c)(3) number NS013285. Please consider contributing to our cause by donating now

Upcoming Trips

Upcoming Mission Trips

-  June 2016 - Bowar family medical short trip

-  December 2016 - Peace Lutheran, Sioux Falls, SD - Health Clinic, Bible School, and Projects in Jumelle

- February 2017 - Grace Lutheran, Parker, SD - Bible School, build pews for LePina Church, build desks for new school, Pastoral visitations at Albert Schweitzer Hospital

- March 2017 - Calvary Baptist, Yankton, SD - New Desks in LePina, medical clinic, Bible School Multi-Generational Team

- May 2017 - Possible Our Saviours Youth

- May or August 2017 Groton, SD Church multigenerational

Mission Trips Completed 

- Research and Planning for LePina School and Mill December 2015

- Peace Lutheran December 2015

- College team January 2016

- Calvary Baptist multigenerational March 2016


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